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Payments and Deposit methods/puppies refunds and returns

Payments and Deposit methods/puppies refunds and returns

1. What is the amount required to hold a puppy?

We require a 300.00 (non-refundable but transferable) deposit to hold any puppy till the age of 8 weeks.

If the price of the puppy is more then 3000.00 we require a 1000.00 deposit

2. What happens if i change my mind after deposit has been paid?

We DO NOT give refunds on deposits unless we can not provide you with a puppy.

3. Is my puppy's deposit transferable ?

Yes your puppy's deposit is transferable to another puppy or litter. Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE. Please be aware of this when placing it.

4. How long do I have to pay off my puppy?

The puppy is to be paid off no later then 8 weeks of age unless other wise agreed upon by Duke City Pitbulls. We do offer small payment plans, contact us for more info. We will not make any pickup nor shipping arrangements for your puppy until puppy is paid off in full.

We can hold the puppy here for ten days free of charge after 8 weeks old. On the eleventh day there will be a $20 boarding fee per night, unless there was an arrangement before hand. The puppy will go back up for sale if you can not make payment when agreed by the morning of the 12th day.

5. Do you guys accept payment plans?

Yes, we are more then happy to work with our customers on payment plans. Every case is different but we do ask for a deposit before any deal will be made. Let us know what your thinking as far as a payment plan goes and what you can afford and we will work from there.

6. When will puppy picks be made?

Puppy picks will be made at 8 weeks old. 1st pick buyers will make their picks and it will go down the line from there. Placing a deposit on a pick position ensures you that position. Once picks are made we will start making arrangements for shipping/pick up once final payment has been received.

7. How soon after my final payment will my puppy come home?

After final payment is made, if shipping is required, you can expect to recieve your puppy within 1 weeks time depending on airlines and weather.

8. How much do you charge for shipping?

On average our shipping costs are 350.00 which includes vet fees, crate, and airline ticket. Please keep in mind that we do not work for the airlines we ship your puppy through, and in some rare cases this price may differ.

9. Stud Services

We offer stud services on our males, whether it be natural or Artificial Insemination. Pricing on stud fees are based on the males structure, show case winnings, and productions. If you would like more info on a stud service feel free to contact us.

Dog and puppy nourishment and well being

1. What do you feed your dogs?

Our dogs are now on 100% raw diet. We can't even explain the great changes it has done for our dogs. The benefits of feeding raw are just amazing. We feed a mixture of chicken, pork, beef, and any other great meats we can get. We feed prey model raw which is made up of 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% organ each meal. We feed each dog about 2% of their body weight. It takes a LOT of research to feed raw so before just throwing your dog some raw meat please do your research. You can hurt your dog more then you can help him if not educated. For a helpful calculator on how to figure out how much your dog needs each day click on the link below.

2. What do you feed your puppies?

We feed them tons of love and just kidding they get plenty of that :) Our puppies are on a diet of Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy. Included in purchase of your puppy is information about Eukanuba products and promotional materials, as well as a small bag of food.

3. How are your puppies and dogs housed?

All of our dogs are inside/outside dogs. They are raised as apart of our family. When outside they have a huge kennel area and dog house that is carpeted and insulated with heating and air conditioning to keep them as comfortable as possible along with a huge yard to run around in. Our puppies are in our house 24/7 till the age of 4 weeks old, where we start introducing them to being outside, pending weather permits it. At the age of 6 weeks puppies will be fully adapted to being outside. All of our puppies will have begun to be crate trained at night.

4. What vaccines will my puppy have recieved when i purchase it?

All puppies recieve their first set of shots at age of 6 weeks along with their first deworming. Puppies will also recieve another set of shots at age 9 weeks along with another deworming. All puppies come with health certification and are checked by a licensed vet. They also come with a micro chip already placed.

5. How do you get your dogs so big?

A good friend at Ironmanpits taught us GENETICS, GENETICS GENETICS is the key. Our dogs also get A LOT of exerscise including weekly runs and rope action to help evolve and tone their muscles. A good diet also helps them get to their full potential. Another key is you get what you pay for, you cant expect to buy a puppy with classic genetic and think you can get an xl out of it.

6. Do you offer ear cropping?

We no longer offer ear cropping but know a few very well known vets in town that do ear cropping.

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