Duke City Pitbulls

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We would like to let all of our customers write testimonials on your experience doing business with us. One of our main goals is to give our buyers the BEST experience of buying their new family member, along with giving our babies the best homes possible.

Quotes We purchased our baby girl from Diesel x Diamond litter and just love her! She is the perfect addition to our family. She is absolutely great with the kids and our 2 year old male Pitbull. We couldn?t be happier!!! Duke City Pitbulls are by far the best breeder we have met and done business with, very loving family and you can see it in the pups. Quotes
Edward & Noelle
Daisy Duke (Diesel x Diamond)

Quotes We got our dog Gema Girl who is off Diamond/Bruno breeding born in April 2011. We decided to do a Co-Own and later on we used Abraham and Pams Diesel as a stud. I couldn't be happier with the way things went. Gema is PERFECT, she loves my family and is great with other animals. She has a really high drive and doesn't mind running 2-4 miles with me. Her and Diesel tied one time and gave us 8 pups! Pam and Abraham stuck to every end of the deal and have gone above and beyond what we agreed to in contracts. I will continue to do business with Duke City Pitbulls for many years to come Quotes
Jose Lerma
Gema Girl and stud service

Quotes We purchased our big boy "KING" from duke city pit bulls about 5 months ago off Diesel X Diamond litter and we couldn't be happier and more satisfied on how he is turning out. As well as his amazing temperament around other animals and people. He does very well with our 2yr old pit mix and hard to believe our 7month old kitten. We've have known Pam since high school and we can't thank her and Abraham enough for giving us first pick we got exactly what we wanted a Diesel clone. Quotes
Alex & Felicha
KING aka "Diesel Clone"